Valuesimpact - how to win the best candidates with teamculture

Valuesimpact is an online-value-assessment. By characterising the current and desired culture in the light of the economic challenges a team faces, you easily get a better understanding of where a team stands and what spirit is needed to move forward.

Two important advantages:

1. It makes visible the current and desired team culture. When defining a profile the recruiting-partner and the hiring manager can now easily talk about the chances for microchange and team development. Besides the technical skills, personality and cultural fit have the strongest impact on the future added value of a new team member.

2. After the first interviews with candidates you might want to build a better relationship and attract them more intensivly to your company - so that they have no reason to take a closer look at other options... With the means of Valuesimpact the hiring manager uses an additional phone call with the candidates he considers for the job before the second interview. He might introduce the team culture to the candidate and explain why he is the perfect match and how he can contribute to the further development.
Which candidate has ever experienced such attention of a hiring manager? 

Valuesimpact is - at the moment - free of charge. For everybody who knows about the power of culture and wants to gain a comparative advantage in the war for talent.

Dr. Terhalle & Nagel have developed Valuesimpact on the basis of the Cultural Transformation Tools of Richard Barrett.

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